Griseofulvin Tablets IP 500mg

Griseofulvin inhibits cell wall synthesis by targeting glucans (1,3-B-glucan synthase)

Inhibits Mitosis in dermatophytes


Dosage & Administration

Adult (50 kg or more ): Single daily dose of 500 to 1000 mg.

Not less than 10 mg/kg . Divided doses more effective in patients who respond poorly

Children: 10 mg/kg daily, 24-49 kg: 250 mg OD,

500 mg not appropriate for use in children < 50 kg

Duration: Hair or skin : at least 4 weeks

Toe / Finger nails: 6-12 months

Continue for at least 2 weeks after all signs of infection disappear


IN Fungal Infection Of:

. Skin . Hair . Toe . Finger Nails